How much does a pure wool pashmina shawl cost in India?

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A genuine, high quality pashmina shawl from India isn’t considered one of the world’s most luxurious items for nothing. Buying one will set you back a bit financially, but it will be well worth it. They can range anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to a couple thousand dollars, depending on the type of pashmina and the amount of details on it. If you’re able to go to the source you may even be able to score an amazing deal!

The least expensive option is a plain pashmina shawl. This will be a simple shawl in a solid color with no extra details. A pashmina like this can be crafted in just a few days and costs about $200 to $250. If you’d like a pashmina with more detailing, be prepared to pay extra and wait longer for completion. There are several different options that can be traditionally made.

The first is a pashmina with a hand embroidered trim. The pashmina itself will be a solid color but it will have beautiful, traditional detailing on the edges. Because of the embroidery, this type of pashmina will take a few months to make (depending on how detailed the embroidery is). It costs from $700 to $1200, also depending on the complexity of the embroidery.

The second is a kani pashmina. This type is distinctive for its allover pattern/motif - a kani pashmina will typically have 6-20 colors on it! It’s a technique that blends tradition, style, and science and must be artisanally made. A kani pashmina takes about 6-9 months to create and will cost between $1600 and $2600, depending on the amount of work.

Lastly, the most expensive and intricate type of pashmina is a hand embroidered Jamawar shawl. These are works of art and have traditionally been worn by Indian kings and queens. Every Jamawar shawl will have a beautiful embroidery full of details (flowers, animals, etc) and takes a lot of work to create. It must also be artisanally crafted and can take from one to four years to make! The price range is from $1600 to $10,000, so this kind of pashmina is definitely an investment.

Nowadays more manufacturers are creating pashminas with western influences, such as chantilly lace or crystal detailing. Though they are not considered a traditional style, they still take a level of expert craftsmanship and are made by artisans that have dedicated their lives to making pashminas. However, as they don’t contain all the embroidery and detailing as traditional Indian pashminas do they come with a smaller price tag. These styles range from $350 to $500 and take about a week to make.

As we mentioned, a genuine pashmina is not cheap but if you do your research you may be able to find some significant savings. If you are able to travel to India and shop from the source, you will already save on import and shipping fees. More specifically, you will have to visit the Kashmir region where the fabric originates. If you can’t do that, the Punjab region is the next best choice as it has a massive textile industry with many pashmina suppliers. If you do some research and reach out to a genuine pashmina manufacturer you may be able to buy your pashmina at wholesale price, which will be significantly cheaper than the retail price.  Just make sure that your pashmina is certified by the Ministry of Textiles India to ensure it’s genuine and top quality.

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